Ready to sleep better, have more energy and feel stronger and more flexible.
This 4 Week Course starts at the beginning and builds the foundations so that you can practice yoga with confidence in mind and body. It runs once a week on Sunday 10:15am (1hr) for 4 weeks
Commencing Sunday August 11th til September 1st
Investment $80
Joining this course will give you knowledge of the poses alignment, how to use energy and breathing techniques that may stay with you for life.
 We will help you find a style of class you can enjoy, maybe to help you build strength and develop your flexibility so that you will feel strong and confident in your yoga class. Or maybe a little more relaxing and restorative.
The course is runs in sequence, with each class building upon the previous. Ideally, you should attend each class.

Week 1 – Breathing, Energy and Principles

Week 2 – Sun salutations and Standing poses
Week 3 – Balance and strength
Week 4 – Bringing it all together
Please contact Ange for any questions or to book
Course purchased as a block, cannot be transferred, is non refundable after specified date 

108 Sun SalutaTions

Join us for a yoga challenge, detox and workout.
In the 5 week program will learn the variations of Sun Salutations, build full body strength and the philosophy of 108.
All 5 session $70 add a second session per week Thursday 5:30pm $135
To participate in the 108 Sun Salutation without attending the training/preparation is $30
This program is suitable for most levels of yoga and fitness, participating in all training session will prepare for the main event.
You’ll feel a cleanse of mind and body. 
You’ll feel more connected to your body and find that you are stronger than you give your body credit for.
Your body will celebrate for days!
two kids doing yoga pose

Kids Yoga

Yoga helps kids to: build body awareness. Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way. Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement. AND its Fun!!

 (30mins) 5 Wks $50 not scheduled

Additional child $40

yoga silhouette

Yoga for a paws

Yoga with Puppies – rasing money to rescue cleft puppies.  Follow No Pup Cleft Behind on insta and FB for latest news

yoga in the dark

Glow Yoga for Kids

Glow Yoga for Kids during School Holidays
we play with glow yoga

Helping kids glow from the inside

pregnant woman doing yoga pose

Bub Friendly

Bub friendly classes available – mothers groups welcome. contact for pricing and times.

Thursday 10:30am (1hr) August 22nd – 5wks $70

Pre/Post Natal

Contact Ange for class options and availability.