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Strength and Flexibility Ashtanga (Modified)

A fast pasted practiced to build strength and flexibility

Yin Yoga

Slow practiced, deep stretches with poses held for 5min to lengthen connective tissue and improve joint mobility. Suitable for all levels

Revive, and Gentle Flow all levels

Restorative gentle yoga suitable beginners, (Pre and postal natal and all levels )

Yoga Shred™-Inspired

Yoga infused with high intensity Interval Training. HIIT with Yoga to get you fit, strong, and wise!

Yoga wheel

Experience Deeper Yoga Backbends, Better Balance & Build Core Strength with the Yoga Wheel Class!

Kids Yoga

Mindful movement and breathing exercises for little wise moves

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If you’re interested in trying yoga, Wise Moves Yoga is the perfect place to start. We offer a variety of yoga classes for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced practitioners. And we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

So why not give yoga a try? Book a lesson at Wise Moves Yoga today and see for yourself how yoga can benefit your mind, body, and soul.

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What Clients Say

I love the yoga class Ange provides! I love the small class which allows for Pose adjustments and extra  help stretching. Fantastic price and beautiful location right across from the beach.
I definitely recommend to others 🙂
You are amazing Ang!! Feel amazing for days and days after.. my knee after 3 operations is in positions I’ve never been able to move into before!! THANK YOU.
Passionate and shows through with her teaching. Highly recommended.
Ange is such a an incredible teacher. Her style is straight to the point, no fluff and no fuss yet still caters for all levels and abilities. The Wise Moves studio has such a warm welcoming vibe, I love when we get ti hang back after class for coffees and chats!
-Claire Randall
Ange is so warm & welcoming. She adjusts her sessions to suite all levels and her passion for yoga shines ✨ through every lesson!
-Shane Jeka
Awesome environment very relaxing and feel amazing when you leave one of Ange’s classes. Did yoga with Ange through my whole pregnancy and i think for me thats why i had an easy labour and birth. 3 years later went back and Ange made it feel like i hadnt been away. The other people in the class are friendly and dont make you feel bad if you are just starting out and cant do some of the moves as good as other people. Ange also provides HITT yoga which i think once im bad into the swing of things will be my next class to try out. Thanks Ange 😊
-Michelle Newman
Relaxed, professional and fun . Loads of energy, particularly at the Ashtanga sessions which we love.
-Howie Croft
Awesome location. Clean, plenty of space. The best teacher.
-Ryan Burns
Ange is awesome. If you’re experienced or not it doesn’t matter her classes are for you.
She can read just what you need in the class and can tailor the moves to suit.
I always leave feeling fabulous.
And her ‘yoga jokes’ are pretty funny too 😉 😆
Highly recommend Wise Moves Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ 🙏🏼💗
-Amber Allen
There are not a lot of yoga teachers who resonate and reflect wisdom, warmth, love and respect for yoga and yogis. Ange is definitely one of them. She’s amazing and the way she conducts her classes are amazing.
-Aymuos GoodSooppi
Ange is so inspiring in the way she moves and her fun yet challenging approach to her classes makes me feel amazing after every session!
-Cat Meunier
Love it, lovely crazy yoga teacher, great atmosphere.
-Christine Jane Osborne
Amazing, caring and understanding person. I am always telling people if they want to start yoga go to these classes.
-Janine Joy Fisher-Lee
You are amazing Ang!! Feel amazing for days and days after.. my knee after 3 operations is in positions I’ve never been able to move into before!! THANKYOU
-Bree Mullenax

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