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Meditation and Sound Experience

Hi, Im Jana, the founder of Vitamin Me
After closing the 7 year military chapter of my life, I decided to open a new chapter filled with purpose and passion. I have always found myself in roles of leading and guiding others in different aspects of life. Meditation has been a corner stone in my life over the past few years offering only beneficial experiences. It has allowed me to create pockets of peace, harmony and clarity within, during times of chaos and turmoil. This new found internal peace was a landscape that I wanted everyone to know and experience, which lead to the birthing of the weekly meditations and sound experiences here at Wise Moves. I wanted to create a space where anyone can rock up with no previous meditation experience, get comfy and dive deep into a state of calm with ease. Health isn’t only defined by what you eat and how you move, but also a state of mind and spirit. We hope to see you down at one of our experiences soon
Join me Friday evenings 6pm book online
Kind regards,
Jana xx

Studio hire

Available for hire over 90sqm of floor space (regular or one-off)

The Falcon location has great parking and is equipped with a kitchenette. Suitable for group fitness, meditations, workshops & meetings. A separate space with water and aircon suitable for chiro, massage, and other therapies is also available.


  • Total 90sqm (2 levels)
  • Kitchenette
  • Toilets
  • Great parking
  • Chairs & tables
  • Projector
  • Dry erase (white/black) boards

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