Strength and Flexibility Ashtanga (Modified)

A fast pasted practiced to build strength and flexibility

Yin Yoga

Slow practiced, deep stretches with poses held for 5min to lengthen connective tissue and improve joint mobility. Suitable for all levels

Revive, and Gentle Flow all levels (Hatha)

Restorative gentle yoga suitable beginners, (Pre and postal natal and all levels )

Yoga Shred™-Inspired

Yoga infused with high intensity Interval Training. HIIT with Yoga to get you fit, strong, and wise!

Yoga wheel

Experience Deeper Yoga Backbends, Better Balance & Build Core Strength with the Yoga Wheel Class!

Kids Yoga

Mindful movement and breathing exercises for little wise moves


yoga icon one

$15 Casual classes

yoga icon two

$70 Five classes

yoga icon two

$135 Ten classes

yoga icon four

$105 One month Unlimited

What Clients Say

I love the yoga class Ange provides! I love the small class which allows for Pose adjustments and extra  help stretching. Fantastic price and beautiful location right across from the beach. I definitely recommend to others 🙂